Voltage Monitoring Protection Relay, DPM Series, 3-Phase, 240VAC

Voltage Monitoring Protection Relay, DPM Series, 3-Phase, 240VAC

Voltage Monitoring Protection Relay, DPM Series, 3-Phase, 240VAC

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R-K Electronics DPM-240A-B Voltage Monitoring Protection Relay

Digital Voltage Monitor

  • Single & Three Phase
  • 200 to 240VAC, Single Phase
  • 200 to 600VAC, Three Phase

The purpose of the DPM is to monitor the line voltage supplying single and three phase systems, providing the opportunity to disconnect equipment if the voltages are outside of the selectable operational parameters.

If the voltages and rotation are within the selectable set-up parameters, the DPM will energize the internal relays, transferring the output contacts. If the voltages and/or rotation are outside any of the set-up parameters, the DPM internal relays will not energized. If the line voltage does notmeet all of the set-up parameters, the Default screen will toggle between the voltage screen showing the actual voltages and words describing the fault.

During transitions to relays energized or relays de-energized, the remaining time in seconds is displayed above the present relay condition (“ON” or “off”).

Mounting Surface
Amps 8.300
Volts AC 240
Phase 3
Type Voltage Monitor, Protection Relay



 General Operational Specifications
Line Voltages Monitored 200 to 240VAC, 1Ø, 50/60Hz
200 to 600VAC, 3Ø, 50/60Hz
Faults  Overvoltage
Phase Loss
Phase Rotation
Phase Imbalance
Frequency Out of Range
Set-Up Membrane Buttons & Digital Display
Nominal Line Voltage 
Over/Undervoltage percentage (7% to 15%)
Trip Time Delay (2 seconds to 10 seconds)
Re-Start Time Delay (Manual Reset to 4 minutes)
Phase Imbalance Percentage (3% to 10%)



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