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    Sustainability has become a fundamental part of the valuation process for both residential and commercial properties.  In an effort to expand participation, an increasing number of municipalities are instituting mandatory energy and efficiency requirements for new and existing buildings. California adopted a mandatory green building code called CALGreen and New York City recently upgraded its efforts with the recent passage of Green Building laws. Some of these mandates include installing live rooftop plant gardens accompanied by a minimal solar system and a range of energy-saving measures. Below, is a collection of building accessories and ideas that can help property owners and managers to reduce carbon and energy costs. Included are energy-saving LED lighting solutions, skylights for warehouses and office spaces, along with a selection of live potted plants chosen for their tolerance to the extreme fluctuations of rooftop temperatures.
    57 products
    Sustainable Facility Management: Operational Strategies for Today
    21” Warehouse and Commercial Office Tubular Skylight - Flat or Curb Mount
    13” Residential Tubular Skylight
    QuietCool Manufacturing AFG SLR40 Solar Gable Fan
    1000 Liter Solar Water Heater System
    G90-2 LED Light Bulb - 12 Watts, 920 Lumens, 120° Angle, 65w Equivalent - 30,000+ hours
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    Epazote - Mature plants grow 2-3 feet tall. Order includes 10 Plants
    Green Cape Fuchsia - Tolerant Plant Life for Rooftops - Shrubbery covering 10 foot x 12 inches
    Rue , a shrubby aromatic herb ideal for sunny rooftops, drought resistant
    10” Residential Tubular Skylight for Flat or Pitched Roofs
    LED High Bay Industrial Warehouse Light - 100 Watts, 9,500 Lumens, 120° Angle
    LED Flush Ceiling Light -5 Watts, 400 Lumens, 40w Equivalent
    Advanced Energy Efficient Building Envelope Systems (Technologies for Sustainable Life (Tsl) Concise Monograph)
    Passive Solar Architecture: Heating, Cooling, Ventilation, Daylighting and More Using Natural Flows
    Floor Heating Thermostat - touchscreen programmable dual-voltage thermostat
    Characteristics of the Investment Market for Sustainable Property Investments
    Ventamatic Ltd CX0012 Galvanized Turbine Wind, 12-Inch
    Side of Pole Mount - Heavy duty 27″ aluminum mount for 2″ – 4″ poles
    Side of Pole Mount, Easy Mount - Heavy-duty 27.5″ aluminum mount for 2″ – 10″ poles
    60″ Side of Pole Mount, Easy Mount - Heavy-duty 60″ aluminum mount for 8-10″ poles
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    Side of Pole Mounts for Large Format 60-Cell & 72-Cell 24V Modules
    2-Module Large Format Side of Pole Mount
    Top of Pole Mount for 12 Panel Array
    HD-25 Heat Dissipater
    Standard 300 Liter Solar Water Heater
    Solar Water Heater Working Station - Model SR961s
    Broan 1600 CFM Gable Mount Attic Ventilator
    QuietCool Manufacturing AFG SMT ES-3.0 Smart Attic Gable Fan - Operated using a Smart Control App
    240 Liter (53 gallon) Solar Water Heater
    SR962s Solar Working Station 110- 120 VAC
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    LED Flood Light - 50 Watts, 3000 Lumens, 120° Angle, 160w Equivalent
    Duda Solar Water Collector - 30 x 58mm x 1800mm Vacuum tubes - Winter Resistant w/45 degree stand
    Energy Management in Buildings: The Earthscan Expert Guide
    Leviton ODD10-IDI Smart PIR 0-10V Dimming Wallbox Sensor, Ivory
    Ceiling Mount Movement Sensor for Lighting Systems 1500 Sq feet coverage
    Passive Solar by Design
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    Passive solar design handbook, volume 3
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