About Us

We are a team (New York State registered: "Solar Wind Solutions") of sustainable-energy advocates and developers. Our catalog has been developed as a service to the scores of individuals and businesses that we engage with daily through our advocacy. Our hope is that the product selection helps clarify the range of generation and storage technologies that are available today for owners and managers of commercial, non-profit, and residential properties. Additionally, we offer project development, system design, and  installation services for residential, commercial, and community-based projects throughout the eastern United States.

Send us any inquiry, including corporate matters, by email to  helpdesk@solarwindsolutions.net 

The Informational E-commerce Catalog is designed to facilitate exploration, discussion, and selection of critical sustainable solutions that owners/managers of residential, commercial, and manufacturing properties are increasingly seeking. Our products are listed in agreement with manufacturers and certain wholesalers. With some products, it will be necessary to confirm price and availability via our 24/7 online help desk (see green button at bottom right hand side of the computer screen) before any transaction can be initiated. Alongside our product listings, we offer design and, when feasible, installation of solar, wind and storage services  ( send inquiries via green button)

We search far and wide to maintain a selection of top tier manufacturers of renewable energy system components. In regards to customer service, we respond promptly to inquiries and offer tracking service during the entire purchase and delivery process. Product warranties are extended by the manufacturers themselves.