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    Most electric vehicle charging occurs at private residences. There are 3 levels of chargers. Level 1 chargers are normally those that are included with the purchase of the vehicle. It involves a standard home 120v outlet. Charging times run 8 to 15 hours. Level 2 chargers are what most residential and public spaces use. Its applications range from residential, workplace, and multi-unit buildings. The power supply for a level 2 is a dedicated 240v line (similar to an electric dryer outlet) with charging times run between 3 to 10 hours. Level 3 chargers are the fastest and consequently are best suited for charging sites with high demand. The power supply requires a 20-150 kW charging station. There are different types of connector standards that interlock the charging cable with the vehicle. The Level 2 charge "connector" used most by current models is the SAE J1772. For level 3 charge connectors, connector standards such as CHAdeMO and SAE Combo CCS connector will make a Level 3 charger compatible with most models of electric vehicles.
    12 products
    Delta EV AC 30 Amp RFID Networked Charging Station 18'
    Bosch EV800 Series 30 Amp Dual Bollard Level 2 240V EV Charging Station
    Bosch EV810 Series Waterproof Adjustable EV Charging Station
    Universal Cable Retractor - Single
    EV Charge Solutions Universal Pedestal - 4 x 4 x 48"
    EV Charge Solutions EVSE Guard
    EV Parking Sign - 12" x 18"
    PowerCharge™ Pro-Series (P30) EV Charging Station (Dual Port - Networked)
    EATON Dual AC Level 2 Charging Station Wall Mount
    PowerCharge™ Pro-Series (P20) EV Charging Station - Single Port- Wall Mounted - Ideal for Parking Garages
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    PowerCharge™ Energy Platinum Commercial EV Charger
    PowerCharge™ Pro-Series (P30) 40 Amp EV Dual Port Charging Station
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