Small Scale Wind Turbines

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    Small wind turbines can be grid-connected for residential or commercial electricity generation or they can be used in off-grid applications. The range of wind turbine applications includes battery charging for sailboats, cabins, and small homes, while those with incrementally higher power ratings (2 kW to 20 kW) can be utilized for water pumping, small businesses, residential power, farm applications, remote communication stations, and government facilities. Often this class of turbines comprises part of a hybrid system with photovoltaic systems, grid power, storage batteries, and off-grid carbon-based power sources.
    13 products
    Wind Turbines Fundamentals, Technologies, Application, Economics
    AIR 30™ WIND TURBINE- 48 VOLT DC WIND TURBINE - Ideal for off-grid land based applications
    Wind Turbine Maintenance Level 1 Volume 1 Trainee Guide (Contren Learning)
    Primus AIR Breeze 40 12VDC Wind Turbine With Built-in Regulator
    Wind Solar-Pv Hybrid Energy Systems for Rural Electrification
    Wind Energy: Renewable Energy and the Environment
    AIR X MARINE™ WIND TURBINES - Designed With Built-in Regulator and Marine Grade Paint
    Ventamatic Ltd CX0012 Galvanized Turbine Wind, 12-Inch
    SILENT-X WIND TURBINES (12, 24, 48 Volts) Ideal for Marine Applications
    Wind Turbine Technology: Fundamental Concepts of Wind Turbine Engineering
    Wind Turbines: Theory and Practice
    Wind Energy Explained: Theory, Design and Application
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