The Smart Flower

The Smart Flower
The Smart Flower
The Smart Flower
The Smart Flower
The Smart Flower

The Smart Flower

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Smartflower is a revolutionary solar energy system that follows the sun from sunrise to sunset. Beneath its elegant design is a remarkably intelligent system; fully integrated with smart features that produce up to 40% more power. There’s no better way to showcase your commitment to sustainability than with a Smartflower.

Catch every last ray of sunlight

The smart system is the core of Smartflower’s brilliance. Every morning at sunrise, Smartflower automatically unfolds. The dual-axis system allows Smartflower’s solar panels to follow the sun across the sky throughout the day, always maintaining
the optimal 90° angle to the sun. This makes Smartflower produce up to 40% more
power than a conventional solar system and capable of producing 4,000-6,400 kWh/year,

The world’s most intelligent solar system

Our certified Smartflower technicians can set it up in just a few hours, providing you with immediate energy independence.

Smart tracking helps Smartflower stay at the optimal angle to the sun throughout the day for 40% more power.

Self-cleaning and convection cooling keep Smartflower running at maximum efficiency.

Unique and powerful features packaged in an award-winning design.

Smartflower Technical Data

Nominal output
2.5 kWp *
Output with 2-axis tracking
4,000-6,500 kWh / a**
Panel Type
Glass / Backsheet
Panel Power Output Warranty 25 years
Panel Product Warranty 10 years
Cell type Monocrystalline PERC
Inverter Integrated with unit
System Weight 1,550 lb | 703 kg
System Warranty 2 years
System self-consumption per year Approx. 400 kWh
Agency Approval UL 3703, UL 1703, UL 1004,
Humidity 0 – 95% (non condensing)
Shipping Dimensions
Vertical Packaging 1650 x 1190 x 2680
Horizontal Packaging (special order) 2819 x 1168 x 1854
Maximum altitude (Primo) 13,123 ft. | 4000 m
Maximum altitude (Symo) 7,874 ft | 2400 m
Electrical Connections
Up to 100 ft (Primo 3.8) 4 x 12 AWG (L1, L2, N, PE)
Up to 100 ft (Primo 3.0) 3 x 2.5-16mm (L1, N, PE)
Up to 100 ft (Symo 3.0) 5 x 2.5 -16mm (L1, L2, L3, N, PE)
From 100 Ft onwards Accommodate for voltage drop
The grid connection must be secured
with 20A (16A for Primo 3.0 and 10A
for Symo 3.0) circuit breaker.
Local standards must be followed
Wind guard incl. 32 ft / 9.75m cable length.
Network / LAN cable recommended (CAT 6e or CAT7), RJ45 connector.
*If using a 208 VAC connection, please contact Smartflower before installation


 Smartflower Technical Data Sheet



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