SR962s Solar Working Station 110- 120 VAC

SR962s Solar Working Station 110- 120 VAC
SR962s Solar Working Station 110- 120 VAC
SR962s Solar Working Station 110- 120 VAC

SR962s Solar Working Station 110- 120 VAC

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Intelligent and Efficient Solar Water Heater Control

The SR961s/SR962s solar water heater working station utilizes an efficient design and intelligent controller for high performance control of your solar water heater system. The station comes complete with a pressure gauge, charging/draining ports which utilize a check valve to ensure one way flow during charging/operation, a connection for an expansion tank, efficient and reliable wilo pump (made in Germany), insulation cover and a sleek metal enclosure.

Enjoy years of operation with efficient control of the circulation pump. This unit consumes less than 4 watts during operation. (The national average cost to operate this unit is no more than 30 cents a month!) Digital speed control of the pump allows for the most efficient use of your pump's electrical power. When high pumping speeds are needed, it can circulate quickly to obtain heat. When heating is average, the pump levels out to a nice slow speed for efficient and even operation.

The SR962s model has a two pipe system. The 2nd pipe is for the return from the solar collector, which has an additional sensor for detecting the temperature of the fluid returning from the collector.


Height 420mm (16.5")
Width 280mm (11")
Thickness 140mm (5.5")
Distance between flow/return
160mm (6.2")
Max Pressure 10 Bar (145 psi)
Max Temperature 130°C (266°F)
Pipe Connections 2 x G1/2 (SR961s)
4 x G1/2 (SR962s)
Safety Valve Pressure 6 Bar (87psi)
Connector for Expansion Tank G1/2, male
Type of Pump Wilo RS 15/16
Max Flow Rate 2.5 t/h (11 gpm)
*Max Pump Head 5.5m (18 ft)
Max Operation Pressure 10 Bar (145 psi)
Power Supply 110v AC 50/60 Hz or 220v AC 50/60Hz
Ball Valves G1/2
Flow Meter 0.1~20 L/min
Flushing Connections G1/2
Thermal Insulation EPS/EPP
Front Cover Material st14
Pipe Sensor Types NTC10 K, B=3950



 Power Consumption <4 watts
Accuracy of Temperature Measuring ±2°C (3.6°F)
Collector Measuring Range -10~200°C (14~391°F)
Tank Measuring Range 0-100°C (32~212°F)
Pump Handling Power <600 watts
  Electrical Heater Power Handling <1500 watts
Temperature Sensors 1 x pt1000 (collector sensor)
2 x NTC10K,B3950 (tank/pipe sensors)
Permissible Ambient Temperature -10~50°C (14~122°F)
Water Proof Grade IP43
dt Temperature Difference Operation
THET Timed Heating
EM Emergency Collector Temperature Cutoff (max collector safety shut off)
CMX Low Temperature Protection of Collector
CFR Frost Protection of Collector
SMX Maximum Temperature of the Tank
REC Tank Recooling Temperature
DVWG Anti-Legionella Function (Bacteria Killing)
CIRC Activate and deactive DHW hot water circulation pump
nMIN Speed adjusting of circulation pump
QMax Max Flow Rate Setting
AHO/AHF Tank Thermostat Function
Other Functions Holiday Function (cools tank over night)
Manual Mode
Password Protection
Recovery to Factory Settings
Manual Heating
Temperature Query Function
Memory Protection
Screen Protection
Trouble Protection



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