EATON Dual AC Level 2 Charging Station Wall Mount

EATON Dual AC Level 2 Charging Station Wall Mount

EATON Dual AC Level 2 Charging Station Wall Mount

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 SWS# 3020

Eaton’s Dual AC Level 2 charging station is Electric Vehicle Supply
Equipment (EVSE) and is compatible with the Society of Automotive
Engineers J1772™ standard for charging plug-in hybrid and all-electric vehicles.
The Dual Level 2 EV Charging Station has several safety features:

• Protects Users with interlocked power – the cable and pins have
no power on them until the connector is safely plugged into a
• Protects Users from temporary faults – and automatically resets*
so no User interaction is needed.
• Instructs the vehicle on how much current to draw – keeps the
upstream circuit protection from ‘nuisance tripping.’
• Allows integration into authorization and management systems keeping only authorized personnel able to use units and power usage levels to predefined levels.


Electrical and Mechanical Specifications 30 amps 48 amps  70 amps    
Incoming Voltage
208/240 VAC
120 VAC*
Line 1, Line 2, Earth Ground
Input Frequency
Upstream Breaker Size
40 A
60 A
90 A
Output Voltage
Same as Incoming
Output Frequency
Same as Incoming
Output Amperage - Max Continuous
30 A
48 A
70 A
Interlocked Power Output
Overcurrent Rating
Output Amperage + 5%
Ground Fault Interruption
(UL2231-1/UL2231-2 Personnel Protection)
Automatic Reset after Nuisance Trip
DIP switch selectable Enable/Disable
(default Enabled)
Randomized Restart On Power
Failure (delay before charging
resumes after a power failure)
(randomized across a time range to stagger
power up across deployments)
Mechanical Operations
10,000 cycles (EV Connector, replaceable)
100,000 cycles (Contactor, replaceable)
Incoming Field Electrical Service
Terminal Block Torque in in-lb (Nm)
22.1 – 26.6 (2.5 – 3)
Incoming Modbus Connections
Terminal Block Torque in in-lb (Nm)
4.4 – 5.3 (.5 - .6)


 Physical and Environmental Specifications.
 Description Wall-mount Pedestal
Dimensions - H x W x D 30.13 x 15.37 x 11.23 in
(765.3 x 390.4 x 285.2 m)
50.03 x 16.41 x 8.35 in
(1270.8 x 416.8 x 212.1 m)
 Status Indicators 6 LEDs: ‘Power’, ‘Charging’, ‘Complete’, ‘Remotely
Controlled’, ‘Temporary Fault’, and ‘Service’
Push Buttons 2 Buttons: ‘Override’ and ‘Reset’
Type Rating 3R
Temperature – Operating* -30 to 50 degrees Celsius
Temperature – Storage -40 to 70 degrees Celsius
Humidity 90% RH, non-condensing
* 48A and 70A are 40°C maximum temperatures.


EATON-U-107-112_data_sheet_-_instruction_manual PDF

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