Blue Sky Energy Solar Boost 3000i MPPT Charge Controller

Blue Sky Energy Solar Boost 3000i MPPT Charge Controller

Blue Sky Energy Solar Boost 3000i MPPT Charge Controller

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30A/22A, @12V Solar charge controller with MPPT

Compact, reliable, and fully programmable: the SB3000i is ready to work! The SB3000i, featuring our patented MPPT technology, is ideal for RVs and Marine applications with a second battery output and IPN connection for remote display and networking. This controller can be programmed from its onboard display or in conjunction with an IPN ProRemote. This gives maximum flexibility when operating PV street lighting or using for small-scale off-grid electrification.

Compatible with FLA, AGM, Gel, and Lithium batteries. Its IPN Network interface can communicate with other Blue Sky Energy charge controllers as a single charging system, allowing increased flexibility and optimization in system design.

The perfect controller for a variety of applications, including marine, RV, industrial, off-grid, and PV street lighting.

  • 97% Peak Efficiency
  • MPPT Technology
  • Multi-stage charging battery
  • LED display for full programming
  • PV array overload protection
  • Reverse battery and panel protection
  • Load output or second battery charge
  • IPN for network (master only) and remote display
  • Lithium compatible


Compact, reliable, and fully programmable

  • LED display for full programming
  • Handles up to 400W with a 36-cell PV panel
  • Can communicate with other Blue Sky Energy controllers
Maximum PV Power 400W with 36-cell PV panel
290W with 60-cell PV panel
Rated Battery (Output) Current 30A with 36-cell PV panel
22A with 60-cell PV panel
Conversion Efficiency 97% (typical @28V/24A output)
Power Consumption 0.36W (typical standby)
Recommended Max Panel Voc at STC 40V (Max Panel Input 50V)
Charge Profile Multi-Stage plus Manual or Automatic Equalization
Absorption Voltage 14.4V
Float Voltage 13.2V
Auxiliary Output A) Auxiliary Battery Charge 2A (2nd battery)
B) Load Control
C) Dusk-to-Dawn and PWM dimming
Equalization Voltage (if enabled) 15.2V
Load (LVD) Disconnect/Reconnect Voltage 11.5V/12.6V
Maximum Auxiliary Output Current (B or C) 20A
Display LCD Yes
Temperature Compensation (by optional Battery Temperature Sensor): -5.00mV/°C/cell correct factor (range 0.00 to -8.00mV/°C/cell)
Operating Temperature -40°C - 45°C
Maximum Full Power Ambient 45°C
Environmental Protection IP20
Weight 1.08 lb. (493 g)
Dimensions 6.35x4.6x2.2" (16.1x11.7x5.6cm)
Warranty 5 years
36-cell panels are typically referred to as "12V panels" providing Vmp/Voc of -18V/22V at STC, 60 cell panels refers to "20V panels" (Vmp/Voc -30V/27V), 72-cell panels refers to "24V panels" (Vmp/Voc -36V/44V). (1) Factory default voltages unless programmed via DiP switches or with an IPN ProRemote display or UCM




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