3/4" Thermostatic Diverting Valve

3/4" Thermostatic Diverting Valve
3/4" Thermostatic Diverting Valve

3/4" Thermostatic Diverting Valve

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Thermostatic diverting valves are used hot fluid systems where the fluid may need to be diverted to a different loop when it reaches a certain temperature. Some examples of common applications which may use this valve are:

  • Solar water heating systems
  • Cooling water control-radiator
  • Cooling water control-heat exchanger
  • Loop-type circulation systems
  • Direct injection water heating

These diverting valves are set to 95°C. Once the temperature of the working fluid reaches this temperature, the valve will divert fluid flow from the standard output to the alternative output.

In the case of a solar water heating system, this secondary loop should go to the radiator and then rejoin the original loop through a tee, preferably prior to entering the tank. This enables a passive heat dump to occur (no use of electronic valves). Rather than using the controller to halt heating of the solar tank or to divert the fluid electrically, the fluid will automatically dissipate excess heat to the ambient temperature when redirected by this valve in conjunction with a heat dump (radiator), thus saving electrical costs and maintaining continuous operation of the system with no shut-down required so that the system can resume heating later when heat is needed.

The threads on the thermostatic diverting valves are parallel threads, making them very convenient for use with Duda's Flex Tubing.

Note: This valve is not adjustable. There is a cover on the top of the valve. When removed, there is a screw which can be turned. This is for factory calibration only. Do not turn this screw or the valve will leak and the warranty will be voided.

 Diverting Valve Specifications
Model Size 3/4"
Body Material Brass
Diverting Temperature 95°C (203°F)
Accuracy ±2°C (3.6°F)
Maximum Operating Pressure 1.0 Mpa (145 psi)
Cv 1.2
Net Weight 320g (0.70 lb



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