Passive / Active Solar Heating Systems

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    Passive Solar energy systems use the sun’s energy for heating and cooling purposes, operating without reliance on external devices. There are no wires needed as there is no electricity produced, simply a transfer of heat from sunlight to a passive collector in order to conduct for heating and cooling purposes. Use your solar heated water to warm your home and business. 
    20 products
    Solar Hot Water Fundamentals: Siting, Design, and Installation
    Standard 180 Liter Solar Water Heater
    Duda Solar Water Collector - 30 x 58mm x 1800mm Vacuum tubes - Winter Resistant w/45 degree stand
    Standard 300 Liter Solar Water Heater
    HD-25 Heat Dissipater
    Solar Water Heater Working Station - Model SR961s
    Passive Solar House Basics
    1000 Liter Solar Water Heater System
    240 Liter (53 gallon) Solar Water Heater
    SR962s Solar Working Station 110- 120 VAC
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    Duda Solar Collector Reflectors - 2 Pcs for 30 Tube Solar Collector
    Passive Solar by Design
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    Solar Water Heater Collector Sensor
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    Wifi Solar Controller
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    150 Liter Tank-based Solar Water Heater System
    Connect this Insulated Blanket Drum Heater (55 Gallon Drums) to your Solar / Battery system
    Large Silicone Drum heater
    3/4" Thermostatic Diverting Valve
    Passive Solar Architecture: Heating, Cooling, Ventilation, Daylighting and More Using Natural Flows
    Passive solar design handbook, volume 3
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