Wind Turbine: Charger Controller / Generator

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    A wind turbine charge controller functions by diverting power from the batteries and guiding it into a "dump controller" (also referred to as a diversion load controller) when the battery voltage begins to get too high. Once the dump load is running, the battery voltage lowers and the controller turns the dump load off again. This back and forth will continue as long as necessary to protect the batteries from reaching unsustainable voltage amounts. A wind turbine generator converts the wind's kinetic energy by converting motive power (mechanical energy) into electrical power for use in an external circuit. 
    12 products
    Semoic Wind Turbines Generator Charge Controller 1000W 12/24V Auto MPPT Waterproof Controller
    Dual 3 Phase Brake Switch for 2000 Watt Wind Turbines
    100W-800W DC 12V/24V Wind Turbines Generator Waterproof Battery Charge Controller Regulator
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