Camper Designs and Alternative Energy

by Steve Middleton
Camper Designs: 18 different designs for Slide-on Campers & Campervans. Most are for a removable camper that will suit most small flat tray trucks. Equipped with camping & sleeping facilities for 2 - 5 the designs are to scale & incorporate fridge, sink, stove, double bed, shower, etc.
The designs incorporate some unique aerodynamic features & take into consideration weight distribution. The designs & wiring diagram are also accompanied by a comprehensive 53 page publication covering topics like how to install optional extras.
There is no frame work shown as this may vary depending on the materials used to manufacture the camper. Electrical Systems: This information is mainly on the 12 Volt system which in simple terms explains how the system works & what various components are used for enabling you to design your own circuits.
Alternative Energy: Explains the advantages & disadvantages of alternative energy & how to determine which is the most efficient & effective method. 


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